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    Why use a renovation

    A Renovation Consultant provides the link between your vision and the end result, enabling you to get on with life.

    Elljay Concepts is a leading Renovation Consultancy company offering a myriad of services for anyone contemplating a renovation or the sale of their property.

    Our objective is to guide and support you through your renovation project or property sale as seamlessly and stress free as possible.

    For many, the thought of undertaking a renovation can either conjure up feelings of absolute dread or at the opposite end of the scale, excitement and anticipation (or anything in between).  For this reason we provide you with a tailored service that takes care of as much or as little as you require.

    I listen and make recommendations, coach you through the process, or totally manage the renovation (or makeover) on your behalf.  Working within your budget and time constraints, my goal is to ensure you achieve the exact look and feel you’re aiming for.

    An initial discussion allows me to understand your reasons for wanting to make changes to the property, be it your own home or an investment.

    My base service is an hour-long visit to your property where I can answer all your questions, offer suggestions and provide inspiration.

    You then have the option to take that input and run with it yourself or go the next step and have us prepare a design brief tailored to your individual situation, style and property purpose.  The choice is yours.

    The design brief serves as a point of reference and framework for styling inspiration and product selection for your renovation or an impending marketing campaign.

    If undertaking a renovation is too overwhelming or you simply don’t have the time, Elljay Concepts take the reins fully and co-ordinate the entire renovation.  The ability to brief the builder & tradespersons in their own language ensures your vision is clearly understood and supported.  Being regularly on site enables on-the-spot decisions and unforseen problems to be dealt with quickly and efficiently thus minimising lost time, budget overruns and stress.