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    Elljay Concepts

    Ever hear those people who say “never again” when referring to a renovation?
    Our mission at Elljay Concepts is to ensure you survive your renovation with both your nerves and bank balance intact.

    For many, the thought of undertaking a renovation can either conjure up feelings of absolute dread or at the opposite end of the scale, excitement and anticipation (or anything in between). For this reason we can provide you with a tailored service that takes care of as much or as little of your renovation project as you require.

    Having been involved in the property arena since 2003, Lauren May brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She stays abreast of market forces and current trends and has developed an instinctive understanding of the needs and reasoning of buyers, sellers, homeowners, landlords and real estate agents. Lauren’s property journey has seen her achieve exceptional results over a 10 year period as a highly successful Sales Consultant and later take on a BDM role within a property management department.

    Renovating full time, on her personal projects, with Joint Venture partners or with her clients has been a natural progression for Lauren.

    Lauren’s true forte is consulting with her clients, providing design and style inspiration and coordination of renovations. Her clients renovate and style to increase sale profitability, build equity, increase rental returns or attract more suitable tenants or to simply adapt a home for their own ease of living and enjoyment.